Shuffleboard is a board game that can be played by all generation. The indoor sport involves less physical activity and more of mental activity. In Canberra Australia, it is a common game among the senior citizens, the aged and the physically challenged people. If you have a challenge in mobility and yet you still want to maintain an active lifestyle then the shuffleboard game is the best option.

What makes it a famous sport in Canberra Australia?

Home of renowned shuffleboard players

Most of the renowned international players come from this part of the continent. You have to promote what you love right at home. “Charity begins at home” The players promote the spot so that the legendary still remains within the continent.

They distribute the shuffleboard free of charge in schools such that the children right from the onset, their mind is wired to think and play shuffleboard( As they grow, the game sink in their head to an extent, it becomes part of them.

The origin of the game

The manufacturer and the innovator of the game is an Australian. This is yet another reason why the sport has got its roots. It means that the shuffleboards are readily available on the continent with minimal hassle. Imagine if you have to wait for weeks for shuffleboard to get shipped to you continent yet there are other board games which you can enjoy, then you opt for what is near you. Yes, you might even get the shuffleboard but most of the people around you do not know how to play. It becomes difficult to promote the sport. You may also opt to go an extra mile to start the training center for shuffleboard game.

Unfavorable climate

Caribbean Australia has distinct seasons. During winter which lasts for months, the only sport that the residents can enjoy is the shuffleboard. It is a hassle-free game yet you play it while indoors irrespective of the weather. When you want something that engages the entire family then shuffleboard is a good option.

Sedentary lifestyle

The innovation of digital tools enhances the sedentary life which has long-term negative effects on one’s health. Do not allow the children to watch Television o play on the smartphones or tablets or iPad or iPod, instead teach them how to play shuffleboard. It will help them to have a quality life.

Shuffleboard is not just a physical game; it is a game which helps you to improve your cognitive skills. You have to think before you make any move. Long-term shuffleboard gaming helps you to improve your mental acuity.

It is a game ideal for children, teenagers, parents and the old people. It will help you to alleviate the sedentary lifestyle common among the modern lifestyles. In addition, since it is also a form of slow workout game, it also helps to increase your metabolic rate allowing the flow of blood to essential parts of the body for holistic growth of the players. Whether young or old, you are in control of your health. Choose the right activity which does not compromise your health.